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New Historic Site Plaque for Moose Factory tells a more complete story

Decolonizing historical narratives is challenging because it is tempting to simply counterbalance or react to distorted narratives that exist. The risk is that the new narrative cannot stand on its own but only makes sense in opposition to what came before. This would not be a decolonization but at best only a step towards it; however, it could also simy be a perpetuation of colonial paradigms of difference and division with only a shift in the focal point of dehumanizing stereotypes and value judgements. True decolonization has to envision its own transcendence. It has to produce a narrative that can stand on its own, not merely as a counterweight leaning on what came before. It is counterintuitive at times, much like leaning forward in a ski hill in order to be able to control speed and direction. I am happy to say that I was able to work with an amazing group of people to help create a new plaque for Moose Factory's history this year, and I am confident that we created something that can stand in its own.

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