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Social/Idea Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship
Executive Director & Co-Founding Board Member
Moose River Heritage and Hospitality Association
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Since May 2020 I am Executive Director of this association, which I was already serving in a volunteer capacity as a co-founding board member and Heritage Committee co-chair since in 2008. The MRHHA unites individual and jurisdictional members, including Moose Cree First Nation, MoCreebec Eeyoud Council, and the Town of Moosonee. Our vision and mission is “building a future with our shared past," in a way that grapples with the rich and complex history of what is Canada’s oldest continuous Indigenous-European “Middle Ground," and a much deeper Indigenous history. Marked by relations of social, economic and cultural reciprocity and intermarriage, this history can help envision, inspire and advance Canada-wide reconciliation.

VLI Representative & Teacher
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Representative & Teacher
Virtuous Leadership Institute

I am an authorized Representative with the Virtuous Leadership Institute, an organization I have previously served in a volunteer capacity, including as a board member.  (More details below.)

If you are interested in learning more about Virtuous Leadership or would like to set up a seminar, workshop or consultation, please contact me.

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Indigenous Reciprocity Lead
GreenQuest Power

GreenQuest Power is a green energy development company focused on refurbishing, modernizing, and automating aging small hydroelectric plants across North America.


Our brand of ‘Responsible Refurbishment’ allows us to invest in communities where our projects produce and enhance environmental, community, and economic benefit.

Pro Bono

Pro Bono
Indigenous Catholic Research Fellowship

The Indigenous Catholic Research Fellowship is an initiative, co-founded with Graydon Nicholas (in the photo with his wife Beth) and others from Canada and the US, that seeks to engage Indigenous, Catholic, and Indigenous Catholic scholars and elders in inter-religious and intercultural research, dialogue, reconciliation and solidarity. It aims to do this in part by gathering and making available online existing resources; promoting and facilitating collaboration on new research and publication projects; organizing an annual research symposium and summer school for emerging scholars and leaders; and collaborating with others on a range of other initiatives.

Member, Indigenous Advisory Circle
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
SSHRC Indignous Advisory Circle
Volunteer & Past Board Member,
Virtuous Leadership Institute

I have worked since on an ad hoc volunteer basis with Alexandre Havard, author of Virtuous Leadership and other books, and founder of the Virtuous Leadership Institute, since 2013. Although I am now a paid representative I will offer some VL workshops and seminars pro bono where possible and needed. Prior to becoming a representative I served on a volunteer basis, a two-year term as a board member (2013-2014) and played a leading role in organizing three Canadian visits (2013, 2014, and 2019). These visits included public lectures, workshops and events, with venues such as Parliament Hill, the Rideau Club, Dominican University College, and the Newman Centre of McGill University, as well as co-sponsors such as Cardus, the Speaker of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Commons, Commerce Dorval, Family Development and Education (Montreal), DOXA Catholic Professionals Network (Montreal), etc. Contact me for me information.

VLI Volunteer

More information to follow

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