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Bringing Indigenous & non-Indigenous cultures and histories

into transformative dialogue on fundamental questions

 What does it mean to be human and to live well in relation to our Human and Other-than-Human World?

My professional, academic and volunteer work explores Indigenous and non-Indigenous histories and cultures and seeks to bring them into deep dialogue on fundamental human questions. It also seeks to connect these questions to pragmatic public history, public policy, leadership, governance and community issues, opportunities and initiatives.

Grounded in a life-long relationship with the people of Omushkego Aski and Eeyou Istchee (James Bay) and the primary discipline of history, my work is also informed and enriched by interdisciplinary work in cultural anthropology, literature, and philosophy as well as diverse professional, non-profit, community development, public history and public policy activities. 

  • I maintain a scholarly research program, academic affiliations and collaborations, and contribute to teaching.

  • I envision and initiate projects and find people and resources to develop them.

  • I join others to help envision, build and support their initiatives.

  • I take on work for others, on short-term, medium-term and long-term contracts.

  • I volunteer time, energy and resources for selective projects.

  • I work for and with a wide range of people and organizations:​

    • Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, governments and organizations

    • Universities, schools and a variety of educational and academic institutions and organizations

    • Non-profit community organizations, religious organizations and associations, think tanks, etc.

    • Private sector companies

    • Public sector institutions and governments



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