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Executive Director & Co-Founding Board Member
Moose River Heritage and Hospitality Association

Since May 2020 I am Executive Director of this association, which I was already serving in a volunteer capacity as a co-founding board member and Heritage Committee co-chair since in 2008. The MRHHA unites individual and jurisdictional members, including Moose Cree First Nation, MoCreebec Eeyoud Council, and the Town of Moosonee. Our vision and mission is “building a future with our shared past," in a way that grapples with the rich and complex history of what is Canada’s oldest continuous Indigenous-European “Middle Ground," and a much deeper Indigenous history. Marked by relations of social, economic and cultural reciprocity and intermarriage, this history can help envision, inspire and advance Canada-wide reconciliation.

Research Lead
"Envisioning a Reconciled Canada: Lessons in Leadership and Reciprocity from the James Bay Cree and Fifty Years of a Transformative YMCA Program among them"

This multi-partner community-based project was developed in close collaboration with James Bay Cree leaders and educators, and my participation  and role as research lead is supported by a SSHRC-funded postdoctoral fellowship. This project studies the interconnections between the traditional leadership teachings and examples of the James Bay Cree and those of a YMCA Leaders Corps program that has been running in James Bay since 1967, primarily Moose Factory primarily. I was a member of this Leaders Corps and President of it in 1992-93. A gathering of former Leaders Corps Members is in planning for July 2021, as part of the research and community engagement process. One of the primary goals of this project is to help envision reconciliation and foster leadership development. More details will be posted soon.

Indigenous Reciprocity Lead
GreenQuest Power

GreenQuest Power is a green energy development company focused on refurbishing, modernizing, and automating aging small hydroelectric plants across North America.


Our brand of ‘Responsible Refurbishment’ allows us to invest in communities where our projects produce and enhance environmental, community, and economic benefit.

Indigenous Catholic Research Fellowship

This initiative, co-founded with Graydon Nicholas (in the photo with his wife Beth) and others from Canada and the US, seeks to engage Indigenous, Catholic, and Indigenous Catholic scholars and elders in inter-religious and intercultural research, dialogue, reconciliation and solidarity. It aims to do this in part by gathering and making available online existing resources; promoting and facilitating collaboration on new research and publication projects; organizing an annual research symposium and summer school for emerging scholars and leaders; and collaborating with others on a range of other initiatives.

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